Udi Sample Text:


The Sparrow’s Deal


An Anecdote from Upper Nizh



[Revised version of Schulze 1998:195-7]

Speaker: L. Voroshil (1986)

Recording, glosses, and translation: © Wolfgang Schulze 2002


Special Codes: <x> = voiceless uvular fricative; <gh> = voiced uvular fricative; <ch> = voiceless palatal affricate; <sh> = voiceless palatal fricative; <dzh> = voiced palatal affricate>; <s’> = voiceless palato-alveolar fricative; vowel + <’> = pharyngealized vowel; consonantal stop/affricate + <’> = glottalized stop/affricate.


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ba-ne-k-e       sa    choval


be-3sg-$-perf   one   sparrow


‘Once, there was a sparrow.’




sho-t’-ay                tur-e       sa   cac   ta’q’-e-c-e


dist-ref:obl-gen  foot-dat   one  thorn    stick=into-3sg-lv:mp-perf


‘It had a thorn sticking in its foot.’




me      choval    ta-ne-c-i                 sa    karnu-n-ay            t’o’gho’l


prox   sparrow    go-3sg-$.past-past   one   old=woman-sa-gen    at


‘This sparrow went to an old woman.’




karnu-n-en  tarn-a      s’um-e       bast’a-y


old=woman     oven-dat    bread-3sg    put=into:pres-past


‘The old woman was putting bread into the oven.’




choval-en    sho-t’-o                 nex-e           


sparrow-erg  dist-ref:obl-dat  say:pres-3sg  


‘The sparrow says to her:’




ay   karnu        bez       tur-exun     me     cac-a   shish-a


oh    old=woman    I:poss   foot-abl       prox   thorn      pull=out:imp-imp:2sg


‘Oh old woman, pull that thorn out of my foot!’




za      sa    s’um   tad-a


I:dat   one   bread   give-imp:2sg


‘Give me a bread (instead)!’




karnu-n-en             sho-t’-ay                tur-exun   cac-a


old=woman-sa-erg    dist-ref:obl-gen    foot-abl     thorn-dat




chich-er-i                       tarn-a-ne        bos-i


pull=out-past-part:past    oven-dat-3sg    throw-past


‘The old woman pulled the thorn out of its foot (and) threw (it) into the oven.’




choval-a        sa    s’um-e    tad-i


sparrow-dat    one   bread-3sg   give-past


‘She gave the sparrow a bread.’




choval-en     t’e    s’um-a     haq’-i               ta-ne-c-i                 sa   choban-in       t’o’gho’l


sparrow-erg   dist  bread-dat  take-part:past  go-3sg-$:past-past   one   shepherd-gen   at


‘The sparrow took the bread (and) went to a shepherd.’




p-i-ne           me     s’um-a        (h)aq’-a        za      sa   eghel   tad-a


say-past-3sg   prox   bread-dat   take-imp:2sg  I:dat   one  sheep     give-imp:2sg


‘It said: Take this bread (and) give me a sheep.’




choban-en      s’um-ax    e’x-t’-i                    ich     ga-l-a          sa   eghel-e    tad-i


shepherd-erg   bread-dat2   take-lv-part:past   refl  place-sa-dat  one  sheep-3sg  give-past


‘The shepherd took the bread (and) gave a sheep instead.’




choval-en      eghel-a    e’x-t’-i                    ta-ne-c-i                  las’q’oy-e


sparrow-erg   sheep-dat   take-lv-part:past    go-3sg-$:past-past    wedding-dat


‘The sparrow took the sheep (and) went to a wedding.’




t’iya          ächi-t’un-ne-y             naghl-t’un-b-esa-y


dist:adv   play-3pl-lv:pres-past   song-3pl-lv-pres-past




as’ugh-en     saz-n-ux       far-e-ne-y


musician-erg   saz-sa-dat2   play-3sg-lv:pres-past


‘There, they were playing (> dancing), were singing songs, the musician played the saz.’




choval-en    as’ugh-a        p-i-ne           me       eghel-a       va               tad-a-z


sparrow-erg   musician-dat   say-past-3sg   prox    sheep-dat    you:sg:dat   give-mod-1sg




un        vi                saz-a      za         tad-a


you:sg   you:sg:poss    saz-dat    I:dat    give-imp:2sg


‘The sparrow said to the musician: If I give you this sheep, you should give me your saz!’




as’ux        irazi       te-ne      bak-e


musician       agreeing    neg-3sg   be-perf


‘The musician did not agree.’




choval-en      eghel-ax    ta-ne-d-i           las’q’oy-in   q’ondzhugh-o


sparrow-erg   sheep-dat2   give-3sg-$-past   wedding-gen   lord-dat


‘The sparrow gave the sheep to the lord of the wedding.’




choval-en      as’ugh-a       p-i-ne           un        eghel-a      (h)aq’-i


sparrow-erg     musician-dat  say-past-3sg   you:sg   sheep-dat    take-part:past




saz-a        te-n        tad-i        zu   eghel-a     ta-z-d-esa         bin-ax


saz-dat     neg-2sg   give-past  I      sheep-dat  give-1sg-$-pres   bride-dat


‘The sparrow said to the musician: Having taken the sheep you did not give (me) the saz. I will give the sheep for the bride.’




t’e-vädä   as’ugh-en       saz-a      ta-ne-d-i           choval-ax


dist-time    musician-erg    saz-dat    give-3sg-$-past   sparrow-dat2


‘There, the musician gave the saz to the sparrow.’




choval-en     saz-n-ux       far-p-i                    ma’gh-ne-p-i


sparrow-erg   saz-sa-dat2   play-lv-part:past    song-3sg-lv-past


‘The sparrow played the saz (and) sang a song:’




cac-a         tad-i                s’um-zu     ha’q-i


thorn-dat    give-part:past   bread-1sg   take-past


‘Having given the thorn, I took a bread;




s’um-ax       tad-i               eghel-zu    haq’-i


bread-dat2   give-part:past  sheep-1sg   take-past


‘Having given the bread, I took a sheep:’




eghel-ax      tad-i                saz-zu  haq’-i


sheep-dat2   give-part:past   saz-1sg   take-past 


‘Having taken the sheep I took a saz.’