Caucasian Colloquium

2nd - 5th August 2000

University of Munich, Germany

Now that the Colloquium is over: Let us express our thanks to all participants. It was really pleasant to have had you here in Munich. The more than 80 participants importantly contributed to the success of the meeting. The high quality of the 53 papers we had will hopefully lay the ground for an ongoing and fertile discussion on issues in Caucasian Linguistics. A special thank goes to our guest speakers (Johanna Nichols, Bernard Comrie, and Kevin Tuite) who helped to contextualize researches carried out in Caucasian Linguistics in an interdisciplinary perspective.

Let us  hope that all had a safe trip back to their location.

Note that this site will be closed down in a couple of weeks. Before, you will have a chance to have a look at some pictures taken at the Colloquium (hopefully August 15, 2000).

For your convience, the SCE X program will be kept on this site for some weeks.

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